On Humans and Inertia

As I was sitting here trying to formulate my status update for how I’m feeling, I went through several versions:

1)Well, at least today will have been productive

2)Hopefully I can keep up this level of productiveness all day!

3)Today will be awesome! Tomorrow may suck though.

4) Tomorrow I will be a blob melted on the couch. Today, I’ve given up that chance already.


And so on. As I was thinking these through, I started thinking that actually, I’ll probably have a pretty productive day tomorrow too. Because I’m not even “supposed” to be awake for another 3 hours, and I’ve already been up and put in a work out, am writing a blog post, will be making a quiche shortly (YUM), etc., all BEFORE Rosie gets up for the day. And once she’s up, I don’t have the option of going back down. So, I’ll sleep really well tonight, and be wide awake at 5 am tomorrow too.

Oh Joy.

No, I’m kidding. I started thinking that it was amazing that now that I’m up and moving and accomplishing things, I don’t really want to stop and take a break. But those days in my mid 20s when all I wanted to do was sleep, smoke pot, and go to work when I had to? I think I was stuck in that too. Your body and mind just want to keep doing whatever it is you are already doing, because that is the easiest state for it. Maintenance is always easier than changing.

So now, I’m going to challenge myself to change my patterns just a little bit. One day at a time. Until I find that no longer am I changing patterns and living with discomfort, but I am maintaining patterns and behaviors I want and am simply comfortable. How’s that for an early morning epiphany?

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