OMG the time my meds take!

Trust me, I’m not complaining. I don’t think I COULD complain about something that not only made me lose 165 lbs (thus far) BUT ALSO gave me my life back. Scratch that. It gave me a life that I had never really dreamed was possible.

BUT… And this is a BIG but…. it takes me SO EFFING LONG to set up my medications each month. I have spent 1 1/2 hours setting them up for the month already, and have only done half of them.

Ok, I say medications, but I really mean vitamins. Because of the 19 different pills I take on a daily basis, to a total of 58 1/2 individual pills or capsules each day, only 3 medications consisting of 4 1/2 pills are prescription. And of those, I could get 1 over the counter, but it’s cheaper to get a prescription for it and only pay a co-pay.

Why have I only done half of them, you ask? Because I take so many pills that I have to divide them into 2 batches at each “med time”, which occur 4 times each day. I will NEVER advocate WLS to someone who can not or does not comprehend the effort, cost and vitamin supplementation required to stay healthy after WLS.

So, I’ve filled my “small” containers, which hold all of my pills that act like pills, not capsules. You see, capsules tend to float in your mouth, and so you need to look at your feet in order to swallow them effectively. The pills sink to the bottom of the liquid, and so you need to inspect the ceiling in order to swallow those.

And for those in a tight money spot, realize that if you ever have to choose between food for your family and vitamins for yourself for a month, you may choose your family. If it is any longer than that, you MUST CHOOSE YOURSELF, or your family WILL be burying you, and sooner than you think, too. Choosing between funeral expenses and food, your family will feel the guilt of not giving you a “proper send-off” and will starve themselves anyway. And so, you will have died for nothing. You think I’m kidding. I AM NOT.

Much, much more to come on this subject later. But please, any questions, let me know, and I’ll do my best to explain.

One thought on “OMG the time my meds take!

  1. I see the bills for it all, and I can’t even comprehend how much we spend on vitamins. It’s crazy-making. 🙂

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